New Marketing Venture

The further discussion will evaluate the driving forces of a future business venture of The Gathering Goddess, a small vintage apparel boutique based in London. This discussion will also illustrate the essential entrepreneurial marketing communication approach of the organization to improve its future market performances.
The Gathering Goddess is an organization specialized in the designing and marketing of vintage clothing materials through online stores as well as physical stores. This vintage boutique was established in 2002 by Wilma Mae Basta. This organization has only one physical store in North Kensington, London. The majority of its marketing procedure is dependent on various e-commerce sites and online retail stores such as and eBay (The Gathering Goddess, 2014).
The organization is known for marketing and selling their products through online stores to different parts of Europe and the US. The major target of the organization includes premium consumers from the upper class and upper middle class. Most of their products are designed to target the female consumer section of the market (UKSBD, 2015).
Over the last few years, the organization has witnessed huge competition in the global apparel market. Most of their products are sold through third-party online retail stores which are hindering their direct communication capacity with their potential consumers. It is also hampering them to secure a competitive position in the market. The increasing global demand is influencing the organization to incline towards setting up organizational online retail option. They are also concentrating on improving their marketing relationship and communication with the stakeholders of the organization (Gard, 2013).

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