Networking Activity

The person that I meet with was Tawni Cranz, who is the Chief Talent Officer at Netflix. Netflix isa company responsible for the production of internet streaming media in North and South America, and parts of Europe. Therefore, this was a very important person that I meet. The person, who introduced me to Tawni Cranz, is a distant cousin of mine, who works at Netflix. My cousin is one of the middle managers at the organization, and I was attending a birthday party that he hosted. Tawni Cranz was also in attendance. During my conversation with her, there were a number of very important information that I learnt from her.
One lesson touches on the importance of employees to an organization. I learnt that employees play a central role in the success of an organization. Therefore, there is a need of introducing proper motivational policies aimed at making these employees to be efficient in their work. The most surprising lesson is that high salaries are not a motivating factor, however, lack of good pay, may be a de-motivator.
Therefore, the best motivating policies are the ones that touch on satisfying the interests of employees, and this includes good working conditions, chances of promotion, and provisions for vacations. Based on my conversation with Tawni Cranz, this networking activity was a success. This is mostly because to make a new friend on her, and also learn on some issues touching on human resource management. This is an important contact that I made, because in future, she may advice me on how to get a good job.

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