My Leadership Action Plan

Do you love the work you do? Are you driven by your purpose? Is there a connection to your top priorities and your leadership approaches? Do you enjoy your time in helping others be successful? What is your legacy to the world? My main purpose as a Leader: (Bungay, 2011). My leadership purpose is also to fill particular needs. My areas to strengthen and grow:I need to stop needing to be loved or liked by my followers (Bungay, 2011). I also need to improve in my stagnancy and always remain focused on my goals. As a leader, I need to avoid excessive connectivity with my followers especially when it comes to mobile devices and other modes of communication (Bradt, Check, amp. Pedraza, 2011). I also need to try as much as I can to trust my employees with the responsibilities that I give them. I need to learn ways through which I can overcome my personal constraints. I also need to learn how to accomplish my goals after coming up with visions. I need to develop specific conflict resolution skills (Bungay, 2011).

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