Music Therapy and its Effects on Hospitalization and Medical Procedures

In conclusion the research shows that the utilization of music therapy is far to beneficial to not use as an interventive therapy for patients in the hospital as it has the power of changing negative perceptions into more positive ones which results in far better patient outcomes.
The idea of music therapy being an alternative means of therapy for hospitalized patients has definitely grown over the past five years. Much of this is due to the fact that the evidence that has been gathered and identified concerning its effect’s on patients is seemingly irrefutable as a means to bring positivism in a patient’s life. Its main goal is to bring comfort and relaxation to the patient that is worried and filled with apprehension and anxiety over a medical condition or medical procedure that they must combat. It has also been found to be a great therapy in the recovery period of patients within a hospital environment as well. …
The findings of this research are meant to show that there is a need for this form of alternative therapy in the post-operative phase of surgical procedures, in physical therapy, medical testing, treatment regimens such as with cancer patients, and also the overall recovery period of patients as well. Therefore the gathered data is meant to try and bring validity into the utilization of this therapy so that it will be able to provide persuasion for its usage regardless of any costs associated with it.
1.1 Problems Associated with Music Therapy
The main area of limitation that might be associative with music therapy is trying to provide irrefutable evidence that it is indeed an alternative method that places patients in a more tranquil and healing type of environment. Some researchers try to state that it is not as pertinent to hospital patients as other researchers’ state it is and therefore there is some controversy associated with this methodology in the health care system. Also the studies that have been carried out on this technique have been relatively small which leaves it facing indecisiveness in regards to being placed as a permanent therapeutic element in a hospital environment. What is being implied is although it is often utilized, there is not sufficient evidence to offer 100 % validity on how effective it is in placing a positive element in the recovery process of patients in a hospital. However, this researcher personally feels that the areas in a hospital environment where music therapy has been utilized (specifically post surgical and rehabilitative) have given credence to this therapeutic alternative as a positive way of reinforcing the patients’ perception of the quality of their care and their environment. 1.2

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