Multi Culture Models of Health and Social Inclusion

This essay stresses that people with learning disability are always faced with a lot of difficulties when accessing health care in the United Kingdom. One major source of difficulty is that they are unable to access relevant and adequate information regarding their problems, and the various health care agencies that have the capability of solving their problems. For instance, people who are deaf are unable to get an access to certain health care advertisements, basically because these advertisements are not able to use languages that deaf people can understand. On this note, these people might not gain an access to the health care information being passed, and thus it may compromise their health status. Life expectancy of people with learning disability is also short. For instance, in the year 1929, the life expectancy of a child who was born with a learning disability was 9 years. &nbsp.

As the discussion highlights& the periods of 1930s, the average death of a person living with learning disability rose to 22 years for women, and 15 years for men. However, in the current years, the average death rate for a person living with learning disability has risen to 35 years. This is still a very low age, and hence this health issue has to be tackled.&nbsp. Others include low expectation of services, mainly because of a previous bad experience when they went to seek medical attention, and certain problems or diseases only associated with learning disabilities

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