Mission Statements

MISSION MENTS Our Company Is a diversified multi product and multi service IT company. Makes computer peripherals and hardware. Develops customized software. Has copyrights for films and music. Works as outsourced process resource for MNCs. Creates, installs and manages organizational processes for clients.
Industry Overview
Constant change marked by higher levels of deliverables. Decreasing time to market- expansion of media opportunities for exposure. Emergence of the Net as a formidable medium of communication. Net takes precedence as a point of sale. Net proliferation very innovative since product portfolio of the company and its competitors very appealing to Netizens.
Analysis and the way forward
The company feels left out somewhere- it is difficult to pin down exactly where it has missed out. Gradually slipping on share of voice in the market, top of mind recall, may not be slipping yet in terms of volumes.
An organizational audit yields the following results:
The channels are perfectly fine. the products are superior, and the sales team has consistently performed well as per defined parameters. The company has some of the best talent in the verticals they address through their services, and has forged excellent strategic alliances with the best developers, production houses. A committed team of professionals form the Board of Directors.
Initiative is controlled- a positive conservative approach is evident.
Risk appetite is low- the company plays safe.
But what is missing?
So we decided to do a quick customer dipstick on the ground and on the Net as well.
Results indicate:
The company is seen as stable but not flamboyant. Staid is the word- not exciting!
The reach is wide enough but not across.
Articulation of the product strengths needs reinforcement- the general impression is hazy.
A breath of fresh air needed to make it more attractive- carefully selected below the line activities which make each moment of truth a happy experience.
New products introduction needs to be more focused- users and potential users are missing out.
Focus on market research and product R &amp. D is essential- it is a buyers market today. Show the way forward – create what is in demand- it sells better.
Higher decibel levels of competitors in the right place at the right time seen to be taking away business from under the company’s nose.
Key opinion leaders (KOLs) not so close to the company- an effort at winning them over is essential.
Viral marketing very low key and thus ineffective.
Suggested Strategy
Identify need states, innovate/create products to satisfy need states, Create first movers rather than “me too”. Modify, not replace current products.
Innovate communication in step with product innovation.
Blow your trumpet. Delight customers with product experience.
Proposed Mission Statement options
Create value for stakeholders (internal and external) through cutting edge products and services by highlighting the value differential and offering competitive advantage.
Option 2
Reach out to individuals and organizations alike to enrich their existence through constant product innovation and focused communication.
Option 3
Delight every user with complex contemporary technology delivered simply and effectively in the right place at the right time.
Mission statement to be converted into doable targets and measurable objectives- only then is it a successful mission statement.
Executive Summary
Keeping in mind the findings of the organizational audit and the dipstick customer audit, we need to realign our strategies for product development and selling through an appropriate marketing strategy which redefines our passion and extends it beyond on the ground activities and convinces our customers of the value differential. While advertising may introduce the product, other forms of communication like below the line activities, direct marketing, viral marketing, network marketing have to be initiated to complement it and create the required impression.
Suggested Reading:
Book Title: Kotler on Marketing- How to create, win and dominate markets
By Philip Kotler, published by The Free Press, a division of Simon and Schuster Inc., NY.
Book Title: Being Digital.
By Nicholas Negreponte, published by Vintage Books.

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