Mental health promotion workshop

Aside from incorporating the concept of interpersonal variables, Health Promotion Model can be use to predict people’s behaviour concerning health promotion which increases the healthcare workers’ ability to deal with people with mental health problems (Allender, Rector and Warner, 2014, p. 370).
Precede and Proceed Model makes it easier for healthcare workers to plan, implement, and evaluate the effectiveness of health promotion programmes (p. 370). Under the precede model include social issues, epidemiology of certain illness, education, policies, and implementation whereas the proceed model include process, impact, and outcome evaluation (Allender, Rector and Warner, 2014, p. 370).
Completing the report on mental health promotion made me able to develop some strategies that are effective in treating patients with cognitive, behavioural and affective problems based on the SMART criteria.
1. By the end of July 2014, the administrator of a couple of nearby schools will be approached for permission to conduct mental health teachings to the students’ parents. After communicating with the school teachers, a schedule will be set whereby the students’ parents will be invited to attend child development programme within the school vicinity.
2. By end of September 2014, social networking site like Facebook will be used to communicate with parents who are interested in learning more about strategic ways on how to prevent the long-term consequences of childhood abuse and neglect.
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