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The movie The Princess and the Frog is great movie for people of all ages. The movie displays many scenes in which diversity and multiculturalism is present. The first scene of the movie takes place during the Jazz Era of the first half of the 20th century. The firm show images of the movie two girls, one white the other a African-American girl playing together as equals due to their innocence of the prejudice and racism against minorities groups such as Latinos, African-Americans, and native Indians in that era. The two girls were on the protagonist of the movie Tiana and the other girl was Lottie a rich princess Prince Naveen wanted to marry. The two girls were best friends.
When Tiana grew up she became a waitress, but was saving money to buy her own restaurant. She had a lot of talent as chef. Due to her stature as a lower class citizen nobody believed in her. Her mother told her love that there were more important than work, but Tiana was stubborn. She had a deal in place to buy a vacated business lot that was perfect for her restaurant. Before the deal was sign the owner told Tiana they received a better offer. They insulted her verbally with discriminatory racial slurs. During the Jazz Era the music united the white and blacks in dance ball rooms where everyone enjoyed the music and each other company’s in civilized manner.
Diversity and multiculturalism was also present in the animal world when Tiana and Naveen entered once Tiana became frog during their first kiss. In the animal world all the animals respected each other and tried to do whatever it took to help each other. Since the movie is in the fantasy genre it could interpreted that animals served the roles of humans and within that perspective there was great diversity of animal species that interacted in a productive manner in the movie. Another interesting perspective of diversity in the movie is that fact that the frogs which were actually humans got along very well with other animals in the jungle including Louis the crocodile and Raymond the firefly.
Two characters who are the opposite of the Voodoo war were The Shadow Man and the Mama Odie. Both were humans who know about the interconnection with humans and the animal world. The Shadow Man was the one who originally turned Prince Noreen into a frog to steal the money of the princess once they got married. Multiculturalism was present through the movie. There were incidents of racism, but the creators of the movie displayed the racial discriminatory scene in soft manner so that the children and young adult audience that are going to see the movie are not exposed to any harsh material. My overall impression of the movie is that it demonstrated a good view of the Jazz Era in which music united people in a fun and loving environment. Diversity was present throughout the movie. The ending of the movie was something special. When Tiana kiss Naveen for the same time as matrimony he was kissing a princess and they both became humans again.
The motion picture did an excellent job depicting the diversity of American landscape during the era. It showed that a lot of Caucasian people at the time were extremely compassionate about the well being of minority groups. Diversity was also well represented in the movie in by differentiating between social classes. The high class was supposed to get served by the lower class of servants and working men. In the movie the bond and friendship between Tiana and Lottie could not be broken, it was true friendship. In the movie stereotypes were used to depict black people as criminals and hoodlums. Another stereotype which proof to be false was the belief that every prince was rich. Prince Naveen was actually broke.

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