McDonalds Products and Marketing

There are also a few items available for sale that are part of the branding of the corporation in the form of t-shirts, mugs, and other such items. One of the more popular items is the ‘Happy Meal Toy’, which has obtained a status as a collectible item. Therefore, the item is not only of interest to children but to adults who become involved with this type of collecting. According to the annual report of 2007, the three most important products of the year were the Snack Wrap, the introduction of McGriddles in Japan, and the McCafe concept which is working toward selling a great deal of coffee in the form of specialty coffees and lattes [p.11]. Revenue was increased in Argentina with the introduction of ’El Placer del Momento’ which were designed around a rotating flavor schedule [p. 15]. The most successful ‘Happy Meal Toy’ campaign of 2007 was the tie in with Shrek the Third, in which 115 countries had participating McDonald’s franchises [p. 17]. With creative products and items that are created specifically for the markets within a country, such as a snack wrap that has shrimp as a protein base for Japan [15], McDonald’s has a consistent record of using The McDonald’s corporation does not publish its product sales figures, therefore it is not possible to build an accurate Boston Matrix. However, with information gathered from the 2007 Annual Report, a representation of what those figures could look like is made within the above matrix. McDonald’s has determined that proprietary information will not be released in any form even for use by students in a research project [Student, 2009] According to the report, Big Macs, French Fries and the rest of the core menu are responsible for 75% of the total revenue [2007 Annual, 2008 11].Examples of where some of the products might possibly fit into this type of a matrix are used in the above grid.

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