Marketing Plan and Plan Report for the New Master Program

The event shall take place on London Metropolitan University premises in June 2006. The underlying assumption is that there will be the launch of the program in June 2006, and the main goal of a promotion marketing plan is to make positive public opinion and awareness towards Programme launch by this date. The London Metropolitan University needs to implement an integrated marketing plan to achieve a level of 100% enrolment at the Course during its first year, in order to do this, it needs to strategically categorize the potential students into various segmented areas. Consideration also needs to be given to a large number of students who have not decided on whether they want to join the Course. The plan advises what methods need to be used along with will how they need to be implemented to obtain the overall objectives of the plan.
The theoretical part of this paper will analyze the plan written in terms of academic marketing theory. Following are the key terms and concepts explained. they could be found over the marketing plan in order of appearance. The main distinction of this marketing plan is in its core objective – promotion and marketing of a new Master’s program. Since it is not a tangible product or service, some characteristic points will be considered further.
Context Analysis determines the overall strategic direction, it must be a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the background situation, therefore consideration must be given to the market, customer, company (internal) and general environment (external) contexts.
It examines the ‘marketplace and the company’s preferred overall approach to achieving its objectives in the light of market conditions and competitor behavior .
These are specific ‘goals’ that need to be achieved during the timescale of the overall plan. It is important that these ‘goals’ are clearly understood and accepted by everybody involved. All of these ‘goals’ need to be measurable in order for the organization to establish whether they have achieved the overall goal. The ‘SMART’ objectives are a set of guidelines to assist in measuring goals.4 (Appendix 1)
The corporate objective is normally included within the mission -statement and normally stems from the purpose of the organization.
Marketing communication objectives are specific communications tasks to be achieved among a defined audience to a defined extent and within a specific time frame.

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