Marine management

Issues such as reduced productivity and heightened risks to injury in the work environment can all result from the aforementioned issues, dealing with them and preventing the engagement of employees to them is imperative.
The rate at which companies lose money through countless health benefits to stressful and fatigued staff is alarming. Healthy employees need less health benefits and are very productive. Managers and heads of companies alike need to figure out how to curb this menace. Work related injuries are on the increase and are always recorded high when most workers work overtime and have less break to reduce the fatigue or engage in activities that can reduce the levels of stress. My company, as this paper discusses below, has already developed countermeasures to the above problems. The changes we have realized can not only be told through the fulfillment of all participants in the company but also through the profits we have accrued in the recent past.
There are several causes of both fatigue and stress as listed below. Fatigue itself is caused by extended periods of physical or even mental exertion with less time to recover through rest. Normally, a certain level of fatigue is normal, however, when the levels are too high, there can only be too much disadvantages. These levels of fatigue can be as a result of the following:
High levels of fatigue and stress normally leads to reduced productivity. This is generally the biggest problem with the two. Also, since stress and fatigue may impair a person’s sense, including that of danger, employees run risks of accidents and injuries in the work environment.
Studies show that staying awake for over 17 hours has as much negative effects on the overall performance of an individual’s performance as having about 0.05% alcohol content in blood. An extra four hours doubles the alcohol content figure to 0.1% (Williamson et al. 320).
It is crucial to point out that both employees and

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