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Your full July 27, Recommendation Since Steve Jobs is back and controls everything in the company, he is responsible for the development of such an organizational culture that provides comfort and ease to all the employees. Peter Senge in his book presented the idea of a learning organization where all people are continually enhancing their learning capabilities to meet the goals. These are: systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, building shared vision and team learning (Senge). Jobs should create an effective learning setup at all levels by applying Senge’s five learning disciplines. He should promote systems thinking by looking at the system from a broader perspective that would include overall structure and the whole cyclic processes going on rather than considering smaller events and processes. This would help in addressing the problematic issues on the whole. He should enhance personal mastery of all individuals by making them learn new techniques in which they would show their mastery and creativity. He should incorporate mental models by discussing the success as a complete picture produced by the minds collectively. He should encourage a shared vision of all employees by discussing and communicating with them. He should inculcate team learning rather than individualistic approach and would consider team as a fundamental learning unit. Moreover, proper communication should be ensured between all employees to resolve conflicts that may happen among them when job satisfaction decreases (Masters and Albright). Cooperative communication tends to avoid or settle a conflict to “put an end to it in an effective way” (Bacal 15).
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