Justice System and Criminality

This is where the misconception of the whole idea of what crime, what justice and what Criminal Justice is as a whole. In this paper, the difference between the two major perceptions addressed earlier with regards to the reality of Criminal Justice shall be discussed. More likely, this study shall be directly focused upon the importance as well as the impact that education has on individuals who have not gained a deeper understanding of what Criminal Justice is. The idea is to compare their perceptions with Society is certainly surrounded by the many influential effects of mass media on the views of the public. Television programs primarily contribute to the social identity of the reality behind the existence of Crime and Criminal Justice. These programs consequentially make the Criminal Justice look much sophisticated and creative enough to support the idea that the said sector in the society indeed exists in a fine reputation. On the contrary, actual news reports find it hard to connote to this particular idealism of the truth when several corruptive activities within the offices of the Criminal Justice Personnel occur. From this, it could be noted that the vision of the society is primarily blurred out by the extremities of the presentation of both media and news with regards to the systematic operation of the Criminal Justice sector of human society. On the contrary, those who are educated, given the chance to understand and really get involved with the system of the said social field of revealing the truth behind the anomalies of humans in the society understand the situation quite clearly. Although it cannot be denied that they too are influenced by the idealisms passed on through media and news, they have a ground of consideration so as to base the idea that they are really going to believe in. And from this, it could not be denied that their grounds of belief are solid truth.

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