Jonathan Swift used elements of the travel narrative to structure his satire Gulliver’s Travels on European primarily English culture and society Gullivers encounter with the Houyhnmhnms ultimately estranges him from his homeland his family se

Basho travelled in 17th century Japan while Gulliver is a fictionalized character who travelled in a similarly unsophisticated Europe but at a different time. So what made the nature of the travels of these two so different? This is the question this paper shall seek to answer.There have to be some basic differences we have to tackle however between these two from the outset so as to show how different these two were from the get go. On the one hand Basho was a Japanese poet. He is credited with bringing the ‘haiku’ model of poems to international prominence. He travelled far and wide in the course of his writings. On the other hand, Gulliver was a fictionalized character invented by the prominent writer Jonathan Swift in his popular volume, Gulliver’s Travels. In the course of events, Gulliver travels to different parts but Houyhnhnm Land shall be the one of concern for purposes of this paper. It is also worth noting that this land that Gulliver travels to is a fictional land. Jonathan Swift was known for his unique brand of satire that could best be portrayed by characters’ that in many ways were ‘out of this world’.The other point worth noting is that Houyhnhnm Land was occupied entirely by animals while the places that Basho visited were of course real. and even exist under the same names in present day Japan. This distinction is also important because as we shall come to see, the kind of differences that existed between these two places are too big to be ignored. They also hold the key to determining the different outcomes in the course of their travel (Reichhold 25).Having established those differences, the ground is now perfectly set to establish the difference of the two travels. The foremost reason to account for the differences between the travels between these two was consent in the first place. Gulliver did not travel out of his own consent. We realize that the decision was

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