Iraq War and Internation Relation Paradigms

Before delving into the paradigms, it is necessary to refresh the facts leading up to this study. In the aftermath of World Trade Center collapse in September 2001, Bush found a path to reach many parts of the world for various reasons that were presented to the Congress and the public, but not favored by the majority overall. The most significant impact was on Iraq because the war is still in progress. The question is still inevitable as to why the Bush administration chose Iraq to invade. In his State of the Union Message, Bush commented, Iraq’s illegal weapons programs, its attempts to hide those weapons from inspectors, and its links to terrorist groups, (Bush’s Deep Reasons for War on Iraq) referring to Saddam’s underground activities. There have been no terrorists’ arrests in Iraq and in October, Duelfer released a preliminary report finding that in March 2003 – the month of invasion-Saddam did not have any weapons of mass destruction (WMD) stockpiles and had not started any program to produce them (Official: U.S. Calls off Search for Iraqi WMD’s). This arouses suspicions then behind the real reason for the Bush Administration to invade Iraq. …
The same concept should then be applied when dealing with other countries. Without having actual evidence, declaring a war on a country is not the mark of a respected authority. As America was intensifying its attacks on Iraq, North Korea came forward and admitted to having nuclear weapons. North Korea does have missile and biological and chemical weapons programs, along with its bid for a ‘nuclear option’ – and all have been significantly improved in the past decade (Encarnacion 2005) Then why not invade North Korea To believe that America invaded Iraq partly based on a nuclear threat to the rest of the world seems absurd then and even now, since North Korea was openly admitting to having nuclear weapons and no direct military action was taken in their regard. Then what is it that makes Iraq, and it is crucial to once again reiterate that no weapons of mass destruction were really found, the main target of the Bush Administration
Imperialism-Is America Building a New Empire
Throughout history, many superpowers have built vast empires through imperialism. such as the Turks’ Ottoman Empire and the British Empire. Yet, America has never shown fondness in the concept of imperialism and neither has invaded and conquered a country to build an empire. However, with the recent political activities, suspicions do arise to question the intentionality of the Bush Administration. If Iraq was attacked to search for weapons of mass destruction and those accusations proved to be false, then why has the war not ended Is America now building an empire
First, a definition of imperialism is essential to establish the foundation on which to judge the government’s actions. Imperialism is basically when one

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