Internationalisation of Business and Promising Areas of Investment


While preparing a project on the internationalization of business, one cannot avoid the term ‘globalisation’. This report starts with an introduction to this term from the perspective of building up growth opportunities for the organizations worldwide. As the company wants to expand its business to the European countries, it is quite important to know about the countries which are prospective enough to let the foreign investments flow in. This report contains a description of the five major economies in Europe. The reasons, supporting the potential of these countries to emerge as prospective economies for business investments, have been articulated for each of the countries. The business potentials and opportunities of different countries may lie in different areas and products. So it is important to have an idea which products in which countries would reap the highest return for the investors.nbsp. The prospective areas, industries, products, and services have been described for each of the countries. Different countries can have different government rules and regulations in place for foreign investments. some of which can hinder in the way of foreign investments. Sometimes there can be a hindrance to entering into some particular industries. This can even define the entry mode. the investor should take to enter in the respective market. This report contains the suggestion for the preferred entry mode for each of the prospective markets. At later part, the report articulates the European regulations and the national laws which can help or oppose the entrance in the respective countries. In all, the report puts forward suggestions for the prospective countries, the prospective products, and services in those countries, the preferable entry modes and the related rules and regulations prevailing in those prospective business markets.

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