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According to many international communities, the United States should be willing to normalize with Cuba, to allow the latter country revive its international relations. It is the highest time that Cuba has been allowed to participate in international community activities to foster social and economic growth. The United States should behind all the differences between it and the Cuban nation with a view to creating good relationship between the two countries. Some of the international organization, which has been on the forefront calling for the inclusion of Cuba to international community, has been the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). It is an international organization whose headquarters are in Paris, France. Founded in 1961, this organization plays a major role in promoting the economic relationship for its members. It has also contributed immensely to creating a favorable environment for economic development between amongst the member countries. It is currently encouraging other new members to join to enlarge its influence. Cuba is amongst the countries that are being targeted owing to the resource endowment of the country. The country has had low economic growth due to loss of many trading partners due to the influence by the United States. This has culminated in a number of problems for the country including the increased poverty rate and unemployment. Unless this issue is resolved, it would be difficult for the Cuban nation to compete favorably in these difficult economic times. The will of international community on Cuba The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has been on the forefront pushing for the inclusion of Cuba in international community (Julio 87). this is an international organization whose main objective is to create a favorable economic environment for the member countries. it has made it easy to the member countries to trade with each other without inflated import duties. It currently has more than 34 members, while still encouraging others to join. It is one of the international organization that feels the solution to allow the Cuban government to build a good relationship with other members is long overdue. For instance, in one of the articles in the Los Angeles Times, there is the indication that Obama should take the opportunity to normalize with Cuba. The article entitled, ‘Reach out to Cuba,’ and authored by LeoGrande and Kornbluh (9), states that the relationship between Cuba and United States should be rebuilt. This indicates that even the people of the United States do not support the current position taken by the United States on Cuba. While many United States presidents have tried to reach an amicable solution between the two countries, there have been difficulties, owing to some of the conditions dictated on Cuba by the United States. While majority of the international organizations once thought that the United States was right in taking the position it took against Cuba, most of them are under the impression that United States has other ulterior motives. Some of the major issues that Cuba was asked to address have already been taken care of. Cuba has been able to streamline its judicial system to address social injustices, and taken measures to empower its people economically (Bennett 78). The international community has been watching closely the progress made so far by the Cuban government and feels that it is the highest time that this country was allowed

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