Integrated Marketing Communication and Information Technology


This research will begin with the statement that with the development of Internet technology consumer’s behavior, lifestyle and expectations have changed dramatically, thus making marketers and other professionals adjust to these changes. All these changes have been transformed into special subject known as Integrated Marketing Communication. Nowadays, in order to be successful, many companies have successfully adopted the principles of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). The American Association of Advertising Agencies defines IMC as a concept of marketing communication, which sees the added value in an all-inclusive plan, whereas the strategic importance of various communication tools (such as advertising, public relations, sales promotion, direct marketing) taken into account. This approach allows marketers to ensure clarity, consistency and maximum communication impact. One of the companies who has adopted IMC to its strategy is global company Samsung. In October 2011 Samsung rolled out Galaxy Note – the smartphone with a screen diagonal width of 5, 3-inches. These sizes of the smartphone were quite unusual and made it be perceived as a hybrid between the smartphone and tablet. There were many skeptics who were doubtful about the success of this particular product due to its unusual sizes. However, the company has achieved fabulous success having sold five million units of the Galaxy Note in the first five months. The launch of the second version of the Galaxy Note with 5,5-inches screen also has proved to be successful, as global sales have reached 10 million in the second half of 2012. The success formula of the Galaxy Note was comprised of three main factors, including the following: technological advancement, global operations and branding of Samsung, and unique marketing strategy.

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