Incorporating Ethical Standards

That is all that is needed to perform a full background check on the person using advanced HR information technology. A simpler and less digital solution would be to ask each employee for a certificate of good conduct. Performing other medical checks such as blood checks for high cholesterol and another physical test can help the company create a wellness program to increase the quality of life of its employees. 2. Incorporating ethical standards is beneficial in both the creation of contracts and technology information systems. Ethics can be included indirectly in a contract by incorporation clauses that include social corporate responsibility initiatives. For instance, a contract can stipulate that the transportation vehicles used to move merchandise must be green vehicles that use an alternative fuel other than gasoline such as trucks powered by natural gas. Including ethical clauses can serve a social purpose, but often the inclusion of social clauses increase the operating costs of a company. Ethics can help legitimize an information technology system. …
&nbsp.The HR department must incorporate safeguarding protocols to ensure nobody has access to the privilege information written in the contracts. The use of privacy in the workplace can be considered an ethical action. 3. In your response, you mentioned that technology keeps evolving at a rapid rate. I completely agree with your statement. Moore’s Law states that the speed of computing power doubles every two years. As computing power increases the consumer benefits because people are getting better computers at cheaper prices. In certain industries inflation negatively impacting costs. The cost of a developing a new drug during the last five years has increased from $800 million to $1.2 billion. Pharmaceutical companies need to find ways of incorporating technology to lower developmental costs. 4. People that work as telecommuters do not have boundaries at work and personal life become the same. A way for a telecommuter to separate home life and work is by creating a special office in their homes where they perform their work. I believe that ethics is very important for people working as telecommuters. Due to the lack of supervision telecommuters must act ethically and comply with the code of conduct of an organization. It would be unethical for a telecommuter to drink alcohol while performing work for the company. 5. A few years ago I worked at a company that had an IT specialist that often acted very unethical. He was constantly using his access to information to snoop into other employees’ lives.

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