In Search of Himself

It did not take long when tom started creating several designs. Within a year, Tom was designing a very effective program like Photoshop and illustrator.
After his college time, Tom took his time and embarked on a mission to create a variety of programs that he hoped to market in foreign countries. Tom’s dream came true. Within a period of four months after college, he succeeded to create two effective programs i.e. a Photoshop and an illustrator. These two programs he had created opened his ways. He contacted a very popular company in our city which agreed to adopt his illustrator program in their operations. Later after sealing that deal, Tom embarked on a mission to achieve his dream of marketing his work in foreign countries. He contacted Lam Tra Company in UAE and shared his work with them. This has given Tom who was initially a cripple, an international reputation.
When I learned of Tom’s success last summer when I visited them, I felt ashamed. I began working on my talents. I joined my sister and his friend who had started a new company, and they were working on their first cartoon project. They allowed me to serve as a marketing manager, a role I have played perfectly since my first day of the appointment.

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