Imperial Edict

THE EMPIRE POLITIC. To that end, we shall continue to support the limited self-governance of the people by and through their elected representatives, overseen by the benevolent Imperial Family.
Furthermore, the population of our domain shall continue to be represented in our senatorial convocation through the traditional weighted vote: Each person over the age of 21 years shall have one vote as to who will be the senatorial representative of their district. Those persons in the merchant and trade classes of the same age shall have two votes. Those landholders and their families of each district shall have four. As always, we shall confirm the choices of the people by our imperial endorsement of their selection. Through this system, we shall preserve our political unity, ensure continued efficient political process, and enjoy the abundant prosperity inherent to such a proper blending of the voice of the people with the rule of the Imperial Family.
THE EMPIRE ECONOMIC. We are pleased with the economic condition of the empire. Our policies shall continue to encourage a healthy and robust peasantry, who shall provide labor within the agricultural and non-skilled trade sectors while being fairly treated to either a living wage or the provision of home and sustenance with a modest stipend. Our policies shall seek to increase the trade and merchant sectors of our economy so that commerce remains free and profitable. Of course, our barony and major landholders shall continue to provide tax revenues and contribute to the defense of our great empire.

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