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In other disciplines, mostly economics, international relations, political science, cultural studies, films and media, marketing and advertising, and communication, the probable date when globalization actually began was from1970s. It is difficult to comprehend such a significant occurrence in world history just began in the last four or three decades ago. These occurrences that began in about four decades ago merely accelerated the process of globalization, and as such they do not predict the actual date of globalization, they are just the antecedents of globalization. This paper seeks to get the deeper meaning and definition of the term globalization and the important factors that accelerated it. The paper also analyses three different phenomena which show indicate the existence and slow spread of globalization which dates back nearly 600 years ago and finally I would carefully present my own perception of the concept. Shortcomings of the Presentist Approach The mere understanding of the concept of globalization from the perspective of complex connectivity only refer to the concept in modern times, but ideally the analysis of the term implies economic, social, cultural, and political activities of human began much further in time. The term globalization was initially used in the business disciplines. in fact, it was first used in this field in 1970s, is has since spread out to other studies. According to Jones ‘….thinkers began to refer to this process as globalization and by the 1980s this was already becoming one of the key vogue concepts pushed in both the academic literature on management and in the popular business literature. The rise in the use of the term is mostly associated with the post war periods when many multinational corporations were setting up footprints in other countries, then the growth in information and communication technology, jet travel, global value chains, global advertising and global finance. The presentist views of the term globalization do reveal very many short comings of their understanding of the term. First, due to their leanings, very many research works on globalization tends to overlook structural patterns, they present as original the older features and misreading of contemporary trends. Second, this view implies a Eurocentric view, meaning that world history probably began with the rise of western imperialism many dub it as the the rise of the west. Consequently, this perception of globalization ignores or down plays contribution to globalization by non western societies. These perceptions tend to downplay the historical perspective of the concept and present a narrow understanding of both history and globalization with understanding of the term modernity. Vary many historians have accounted for the concept without necessarily referring to the word itself, in fact. they recorded happenings that implied globalization before the advent of the word globalization. By any account, this is merely a semantic problem, as historians have found evidence of wide and deep infrastructures of global network amongst different societies without necessarily using the term globalization. Globalization is an approach that asserts that the world has never been isolated, unconnected communities, trade and other social interactions have

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