Identify IDEA disability categories

Lack of morale to focus on a task is evidence of an inactive person. It would be that he is frustrated because of his culture shock and he finds it hard to interact with the other students who would probably help him to boost his academic performance (Federal Special Education, 2004). It is more than a process of absorption of facts but continuously developing as thinking, feeling and changing intercultural beings. Tomas however has not broken away from his culture in order to interact with the other students freely and learn from them.Harper has emotional disturbance. One of the characteristics of emotional disturbance is that the affected child exhibits inappropriate types of behavior in normal circumstances. This is perfectly true for Harper who gets quickly bored by his fellow peers who are not as smart as him. He also he also hates loud noises in school and yet all children of his age tend to love loud noises. Harper also struggles with a substitute teacher. This should not be the case as teachers are bound to be substituted in a school. It can be argued that Tomas suffers from an intellectual disability and emotional disturbance. This is due to the fact that he is often frustrated as he cannot match up with his peers’ intellectual capacity. This has led him to take impulsive actions which are a characteristic of emotional disturbance.It can be said that Austin is suffering from traumatic brain injury. This can be clearly evidenced from the fact that he had serious head injuries after the accident. This has led to him taking a longer time to do things and he has trouble remembering. He also has difficulty in doing Math which he highly performed in before the accident. This is definitely a characteristic of traumatic brain injury whereby the affected child has difficulties in problem-solving that eventually affects his educational performance (Danaher amp. Shackelford, 2001).The

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