Human Resource Questions

hor further asserts that communication also allows human resources to channel the problems that may be facing in their work environments (Smith, 2013). Minus proper communication frameworks, employers rarely understand what human resources require to feel comfortable in their working environments. At this point, labor unions provide a solution that may seem the best alternative to the human resources.Another significant strategy is providing human resources that are considerate to their need in the working environment. Fredericks (2014) is of the assumption that upon employment the perception of the employee on their organization is developed. For this reason, the terms of the employment contract may influence their decision to whether or not join a labor union. For instance, working hours stated in the contract should be reasonable. In an instance where an employee would be required to work for long hours, the compensation should be worth the requirements (Lim, 2012). With proper consideration of employee needs in creating employment contracts on matters such as payment, incentives, working hours and conditions minimize the probability of the human resources to later join labor unions (Lim, 2012).Negotiations between labor parties may be undertaken from different resolution alternatives. Employees may decide to strike to increase the willingness of the employer to address their needs (Maas, 2010). On the other hand, the employer may develop a more peaceful and non-weapon negotiation frameworks. For instance, mediation between conflicting parties and the use of arbitration to solve the problem (Maas, 2010).The mediation process involves creation of a proper communication framework between conflicting sides. Through proper communication a common ground between the conflicting parties may be found (Rahim, 2015). The process may be done by representatives from both parties. However, the process may have disadvantages. Firstly, the superior nature of one party

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