How to Make Interns Diversified to Handle Entrepreneurial Global Clients

The sessions will equip the interns with the necessary entrepreneur skills in addition to the ‘innate skills’ that they possess. Interns will be taken through a rigorous program and equip them with knowledge and skills on subjects such as non-verbal communication, attitude towards foreigners, politics, and technology. When the interns possess this knowledge, I can state with a lot of conviction that any abroad travel will be a success.&nbsp.

Summary of Key Points
In summary the following tasks will be done to ensure that the interns are more than competent before they travel to foreign countries for any responsibility that the company will require them to perform.&nbsp.

• Week1: training non-verbal communication
• Week 2: learning about political policies regarding IT of different nations
• Week 3: application of IT in development
• Week 4: improving the attitude towards foreigners

Schedule of TasksThe schedule of tasks to be incorporated in the Program include communication, technology, politics, and attitude towards foreigners. This can be demonstrated by the following chart in terms of the percentage of how each task is weighted.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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