How organisational culture and safety influence on project performance in organisations

276750 The paper tells that generally it is believed that organizational culture is one of the factors which influence the performance of the construction industry. The organizational culture is the set of shared values and belief that people of organization follow and it is reflected in their behavior, attitude, and reaction with each other and with organization’s stakeholders. However, the cultures which are being followed in the construction industry is associated with the ineffective communication and coordination among members of a project team, sexual harassment, poor mentality and lack of trust among project team members. These features results in negatively affecting the overall performance of the industry. This research study is being conducted in order to investigate the impact of organizational culture on the safety of the project with reference to the construction industry. The study also seeks to explore the impact of culture and safety on project performance. The study is based on the construction industry located in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The researcher in this study also interested in finding the current health and safety policies being adopted by the construction industry in Saudi Arabia, the accidental rates in construction sites, and the factors influence in implementing safety culture in construction companies. The research would be helpful in determining the degree to which culture influence safety and performance of the project. Choudhry, R., Fang, D., and Lingard, H. conducted research study regarding the safety climate of the construction industry and concluded that the safety is highly important for improving the overall performance of the construction organizations and thus provided a framework for measuring the safety climate of a construction company. Fang, Chen, and Wong conducted the research study on the safety climate of the construction industry in Hong Kong and presented important insights for the organizations operating in the construction industry of Hong Kong. Larsson, Pousette, and Torner and O’Toole worked on the relationship of the safety climate with the employees’ behavior and performance.

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