How I see the purpose of education

How I See the Purpose of Education?Learning for life is what education is all about, and what better way to achieve this, than in a climate of pure diversity. Education in the right sense of the word does not mean only the acquiring of knowledge and skills that prepares us for the future, but education is much more than that! It is a preparation for life in a diverse society. Besides the acquisition of knowledge and skills, education caters to impart the finer qualities that are so essential and vital to our lives. Hence colleges and universities provide a potent platform that enables students to learn for life, through interaction, cooperation and experiences which are exchanged on its campus.Students on any College or University campus come from different countries, backgrounds, religions, castes and creeds. Therefore, each and every individual is unique and has his/her own set of attitudes, knowledge, skills, experiences, habits and preferences. Interacting, adjusting, adapting, cooperating and tolerating are some of the best learned experiences one could imbibe when learning from such a socially diverse group.These invaluable experiences come as part and parcel of the education system, and are something that is indispensable to our lives. Intermingling of students in such socially rich diverse cultural backgrounds serve to break down barriers of prejudices against caste, religion and other cultural and ethical norms and make us more prone to adjustments within the society. It also paves the way for tolerance, control, adaptation and acceptance of others belonging to different social backgrounds which would finally culminate into beautiful and harmonious relationships.From my part I feel, that it is these core concepts that tend to shape the personality of a person because such experiences that help to give students an all round development, can hardly be debated because not only are these rich experiences stimulating, but they benefit us by helping us to stand the test of time, when it is our turn to enrich others not only at the university but also outside its campus in the future.The student becomes more a participant than an observer because of the hands – on experiences he/she gains through rich interactions. I definitely want to be a part of such a diverse group, not only to learn and gain fruitful experiences but also to share my knowledge and rich experiences which I have gained over time, from my own social and cultural background. I would also like to give back to my university and the society at large the invaluable experiences that taught me how to have a broad understanding, how to cope, make adjustments and exhibit more tolerance and basically how to be more accommodative in a culturally and socially diverse background. Joining this college for me is a very high priority because I know it would surely guarantee me being, not only an excellent student, but also one of the best professionals in the future.

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