How does S E Hinton use language techniques to convey key themes in her novel The Outsiders

This essay stresses that the allusion is a language technique that is applied to compare a fictional or real historical event, person or place to a current scenario, in order to indicate what a character in literature thinks or feels about the current situation. The Allusion language technique has been applied by the author of this novel right at the beginning of the novel, to advance the theme of discontentment, especially associated with Ponyboy as the narrator with his present situation. The application of allusion here advances the theme of discontentment, which is the central theme around which the whole novel is built.
The point of view is a language technique applied to allow the audiences learn the focus of a story from one of the characters, who can be a first, second or third-person narrator, as a way of advancing a given argument the author thinks is relevant in real life. The point of view as a language technique has been used by the author to advance another major theme of the novel, which is social-class strife. The author’s intention is to show the strife existing in real life between the rich and the poor, and how it causes chaos in the society. Thus, the point of view is used as a language technique in the novel by adapting first-person narration, where Ponyboy is the character that tells the story from his own point f view. For example, the statement “We’re poorer than the Socs and the middle class. I reckon we’re wilder, too”, is an indication of the perception that the poor are also wild (Hinton, 2002, p4).

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