Holding the Event of BCU Gift Festival

In the second area, I will put the food and beverage together with student band. Then the final section will have a set stage for a local performing band and a fashion runway.Any art festival must give the crowd an unforgettable experience in order for it to be considered successful. How you start a project determines whether it will go all the way or it will get stagnant halfway (Preston, 2012: 26). The initiation stage is where the life of the festival starts and where the festival objectives are determined. The main objective for organizing this art festival at Birmingham is to promote the works of BCU art and design students. The students in the festival will get to showcase their talents and skills in their different stalls to the public. I also want to provide the students with multiple opportunities to interact with each other and with the faculty. The festival also wants the artist to learn from one another allowing them to create relationships and a possibility of working together.With these objectives in mind, the first step is to thoroughly think through the whole process. It is also at this stage I choose my partners and committee members and determine the stakeholders. I requested the PME committee join the project as the main committee and invited BCU student union and Birmingham institute of art and design faculty to partner with me in making this event a success. I also invited the various clubs in the institutions to feel free to join in the organization of the art festival.The second step was to contact the BCU faculty in charge of events to ask permission to hold the festival in the institution’s main hall. The main aim here is to confirm the venue is available and to notify the authorities a full picture of what kind of event the art festival will be. After confirming the venue was free and acquiring permission from the university board we now entered the second phase of planning for the event.The smooth flow of any event is determined because this is the said skeleton of the event.

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