History of Pharmacy

We now have vaccines to prevent our children from contracting fatal diseases that use to plague us in the earlier times. Had the break though of science been far fetched an idea, then population would not be a problem now and perhaps we would not live up to the days where we see our off-springs bear their own. We would not be able to see the world become highly technical through the science of major discoveries. Such, to me is the importance of learning the history of pharmacy, thus making me marvel at its relevance and importance. Without this branch of medicine, doctors would not have access to measure and solutions and therefore there would be no medication available to sick people. The study of what and how pharmacy evolved enlightens me into a realization that pharmacist play an imperative aspect making the world a better place to live in. When the world searched for drugs to cure illness, we became the answer to it.
Along with the advancement of science, people learned to embrace the importance of the discovery of drugs. Those who made this possible were the people who painstakingly studied the pharmacologic aspect of the drug are the heroes of the modern world, with out them there would not be pain relievers or antacids and management of these medications wouldn’t be known and practice had there been not enough knowledge imparted to significant people assisting sick individuals become well. If there were no pharmacies around, where would we get our medicines prescribed by our physician Without pharmacist, who would do cross check of the prescriptions issued by doctors Pharmacy is made available because there is a need for drugs to become available to ordinary individual, to assist them with their queries relative to the drug’s potency, dosage and uses. Questions which they perhaps failed to ask their general physicians, or possible instructions that were not clearly discussed to them due to time constraints.
Through out the years, the practice of pharmacy and its management has been clearly affected by cultural diversity, this is because culture plays a significant role in the way interactions happen. Culture dictates the manner with which we relate to one another even when the most obvious need arise. The obvious need I am referring to may reflect in our hesitation to ask or make clarification, or this can be due to language barrier. Most often, the practice of pharmacy management is highly similar to establishing relationships with others. highly critical and full of emotion, simple put, characterized with to human nature. Certain beliefs are thus answered through the science of pharmacology, just like in the manner with which ordinary fever used to be perceived as punishment of the gods in the olden times but in the present, fever is a significant indicator that there is an infection which your own body is fighting against through the efforts and mechanism of your own white blood cells. Doctors may not have time to explain this to

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