Harms of Illegal Immigration

The massive numbers of illegal aliens pouring across mainly the southern border has and continues to cause substantial economic, social and physical harms to legal citizens. These harms occur predominantly to those who are among the most vulnerable segments of the population: minorities, children, and the poor.
The primary reason that the politicians are not interested in grappling with the problem of illegal immigration is because it stands to be a potent political issue that can be conveniently exploited by them (Oakland Tribune, 2007). Illegal immigration facilitates the politicians of all hues and affiliations with the opportunity to appeal to their vote banks. Democrats vociferously support illegal immigrants to cash on the fast altering demographics of the nation (Oakland, 2007). Republicans on the contrary use this issue to exploit and entice the citizens who are particularly concerned with the wastage of their tax dollars on non-productive aliens (Oakland Tribune, 2007). The problem is further bolstered by the vested interests who intend to thrive on the cheap labor of illegal immigrants, be it the hotel industry, construction business or agriculture (Oakland Tribune, 2007). …
The problem is continually being exacerbated by a flexible border security, 12 million illegal immigrants striving for sustenance, and a system that is hell bent on taking advantage of those who are willing to provide cheap labor (Oakland Tribune, 2007)
The fundamental reason for the flood of immigration from Latin America, specifically Mexico (see Chart 1) is the disintegration of the Mexican economy predominantly resulting from free-trade strategies employed by the North American Free Trade Agreement and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).
Chart 1. National Origin of Illegal Immigrants: 2004
Note. From https://classof08honors.wikispaces.com/preston.
The rampant corruption within the Mexican government has also contributed significantly to the collapse of the Mexican economy. Due to IMF policies regarding Mexico, its economic output dropped 33 % in the past two decades. During this period, its foreign debt rose 359 % because of widespread looting of the national coffers. These factors caused the "collapse of all areas of productive economic activity and employment, is the primary driver of the flood of emigrants desperate to leave Mexico, to find some livelihood for themselves and their families in the United States" (Small, 2005).
Throughout the history of America, people of differing ideologies have generally agreed on immigration controls. Public opinion polls have continually shown an overwhelming opposition to illegal immigration as well as for the concept of amnesty. Amnesty for illegal aliens is merely a reward for law-breaking and by whatever name, causes ever escalating future illegal immigration.

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