Growing Nursing Career by Sharpening Skills and Competence

As a professional Oncology Certified Nurse, I am able to understand the current state of health service delivery system, identify the weaknesses in them and introduce findings from research into practice. The teachings on evidence-based practice enhance my ability now as a professional on the management of interdisciplinary teams in developing guidelines for effective delivery of care. In the health system, new evidence emerges from time to time, which is aimed at improving the quality and safety of patient care (Melnyk amp. Fineout-Overholt, 2011). To integrate the evidence from the research studies, one must be able to consider the standards for the development of evidence-based practice guidelines. Common areas for interest targeting professional Oncology Certified nurse include patient assessment, symptom management, coordination of care, supportive care, and patient education. The strength of my professional portfolio is based in the field of oncology nursing where my leadership class I gained crucial knowledge for the application of skills in creating projects and prevention of burnout. I am abler now to work under minimal supervision due to the skills I have gained in oncology nursing. In the progression of my career, I faced a number of challenges some work-related and others personal. One of the areas I faced challenges related to family-work balance that was demanding and an effective schedule of events was a critical determinant of my success. Trying to balance time between schooling, career and family was hectic and I was forced to ensure that my schedule was effectively planned to ensure that a balance existed. I normally advantage of the weekends where I would spend with the family and ensure at the same time I worked on those assignments I had from school. I also utilized the three months break effectively to achieve a milestone. In the BSN program, the coursework was a critical resource that prepared me as a competent professional nurse. Each of the classes I attended prepared and strengthened me by equipping me the right skills and knowledge for practice. The coursework activated my ability to apply critical thinking skills in decision making on the provision of care creating emphasis on moral and ethical values that guide the nursing profession. Overall, the coursework has given me a rounded and holistic approach to nursing that I am ready to exploit in professional practice. The coursework has helped me in internalizing the nine nursing programs outcomes and reflects on each of the nine outcomes. I am now more confident with better abilities to handle diverse care needs for patients. Coursework is sometimes challenging activating critical thinking as an important skill for effective performance in nursing. I have gained more insight on what outcomes are expected from me as a nurse, and become more competent, confident and a more critical decision maker. My communication skills are now sharper and more accurate depicted by my ability to offer concise, thorough and correct reports to physicians. In addition, my communication skills are now better since I am able to handle patients and their families effectively. Time management skills have improved since I am able to perform tasks within the stipulated schedule. Above all, I have improved significantly my leadership skills through critical thinking, confidence and better judgment of circumstances which have helped me on effective delegation of roles and interdisciplinary team management.

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