Due to the increase in markets influence the world’s economic and political scene, and the ever-increasing importance and power of non-governmental organizations, national governments will lose their sovereignty to the process of globalization. On the skeptical side, they view globalization as a myth. The growth of multinational corporations does not mean that nation-states are no longer relevant for governing the flows of economic benefits. Held and his colleagues say that skeptical authors point to the fact that foreign investment flows into the control of a few advanced economies. Multinational corporations are still tied primarily to their home states or regions, and these ties produce benefits for these states or regions.. Skeptics say that globalization is not a new thing or doesn’t exist and that the world is returning to imperialism through which the states themselves dominate. In between come the transformists who believe that globalization has occurred and has changed life power and politics. Lots of stuff has been happening and there is still no clear winner apparent in the future, which they see as very messy. Therefore they see the effects of globalization are great however the outcomes are as yet unclear. To put it into perspective the concept ofglobalizationwill be described disregarding one’s view and then deal with the positive impacts on nations states and continue to look at the negative impact on nation states. The ongoing argument on howglobalizationis seen to be a destroyer of the nation-state will be analyzed in order to come up with a firm conclusion.

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