Globalisation How Has It Affected Local Cultures

It has affected local cultures because of changes in the cultural lifestyles of indigenous people. The research indicates that globalization has created a significant impact on local cultures because of increased technology advancement. thus creating new changes in society (Wilson, 2006). Many scholars view globalization as the introduction of new technological changes into the existing culture. They view globalization as a hindrance towards a successful market for local products because of high-quality foreign products that are sold at cheap prices. Although globalization attempts to bring change to the local culture, it has significantly led to the loss of cultural identity and threatens the viability of locally manufactured products. Globalization has led to the loss of cultural identity in traditional society. Globalization has considerably threatened the local heritage because of westernization. The detached cultures are under threat in contemporary society because of emerging issues of modernization. This is because modernization has fostered the decline in costs. The declining costs alter the experience of societies into greater incorporation of varied cultural values. For instance, the information flow, increased advancement in technology and reduced communication cost has contributed to a global community. Wilson (2006) argues that identity developed through the interaction process has become problematic because of ethnicity. The identity constructed in most cases to those people who travel beyond borders or interact through digital technologies contributes to conflicting issues among diverse cultures. The language expansion generates interaction plethora among varied nations in terms of variations in policymaking, and it manipulates cultural identity. Globalization threatens the feasibility of locally manufactured products. The increased advancement in technology has contributed to cheap labor and high production of commodities that are competitive in the global market. This has threatened the locally manufactured products because globalization offers a welcoming entrance of the manufacturing or many customers to access easily products that customers could not otherwise have.

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