Global Warming Statistics

Fellow citizens, extreme weather events will be the new order of events in the world resulting from carbon emissions saturated in the air. Sandy is just one of the recent storm events that caused great destruction. In fact, the storm destroyed 76,000 homes and businesses in New Jersey. Of these, some were hospitals that need about $3 billion to resume work. Governor Cuomo Stated that New York City needs about $42 billion in total to recover form this storm (Beinecke web). Over the past decades, statistics reveal that surface temperatures have gone up by a significant amount (0.6), degrees with two-thirds of the increase occurring in the 1980s with the onset of industrialization. Many of the Americans now believe that global warming is an issue that needs to be handled with great urgency. 70% of them believe it is real and 90% believe that it is caused by human activity. At least 31 Billion tons of carbon dioxide is released to the environment every day, causing the greenhouse effect. Accumulated carbon dioxide in the environment in the past 100 years have resulted in a rise in the sea level by 17.5 cm, which is quite alarming (Mason web)
Causes and Effects
For sure, carbon dioxide emission to the atmosphere is the greatest contributor of global warming. When carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping emissions are released to the atmosphere, they act as a blanket that traps and keeps heat. You realize that the introduction of fossil fuels to drive cars and run industries have not left our atmosphere the same. Other human activities that add carbon emissions to the atmosphere include deforestation and burning of charcoal, which leave the atmosphere bare and unable to purify the air.

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