Global Music Series

Music is an inevitable part of any society’s culture and hence is often found deeply rooted in its culture and traditions. It is a common bond that engulfs people from diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities across the globe. It is a bond that separates the identities of the people as well unites them. According to De Nora2 (2001), Music is holds greater significance than a mere object of entertainment – it is also an inevitable tool that assists in regulating our affective states. The ideas and thoughts expressed through music are specific and peculiar to all cultures that carry specific meaning that is understood by the people of that particular community since it is associated with its past history.
The world music is highly characterized by authenticity and exotic hybridity which has a peculiar touch of global aesthetic sense. This helps in transforming and reshaping the interrelations between music and ethnic identities of people irrespective of the limitations of geographical boundaries since world music is truly global in nature. The global music undoubtedly deals with the issues of culture and identity and is generally found to be involved or adopted by urban circles to be understood and analyzed from social, economical and political point of views. The ideas and thoughts that endure global music as a function of a ‘genre culture’ involves the policies and procedures of the industry and describes the manner in which the musicians and artists depicted here ensue to adapt and acquaint their music (Negus, 1999)

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