Global Communication

The program was initially meant to monitor the Soviet Union. However, the system is now used to counter terror attacks (Kamalipour pg. 328). Future world wars will take place with the use of the internet. The internet allows malicious people to send viruses through emails that might affect the files of a company. Cyber terrorists can also use the internet to spread propaganda. Cyber-attacks are also expected to increase in the near future. Question 3 I think that the digital age and pop culture is a threat to some cultures and traditions. Developing countries that have struggled to keep their cultural practices alive are facing major challenges conserving their cultures. This is due to the effect technology like video games. computer software’s and western television programming are having on their society. This is slowly eroding their cultural beliefs and practices (Kamalipour pg. 331). Question 4 The topic of the effect that technology is having on cultures of people in developing countries interested me a lot. This is due to the fact that these countries have struggled to preserve their cultures for decades and it’s all going away due to the effect of technology.

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