Fundamental Concepts of Construction for Project Management

I will serve as a manager from the client’s side to supervise the managerial functions about the project. I will develop the bid documents and the estimator of our firm will fill the bill of quantities as a reference for the client to compare the subcontractors’ bids with. I shall be drawing a predecided fee from the client for this. Further, it is assumed that some of the previous drawings are lost, and some are preserved. I shall incorporate buildability concepts into the pre-existing design and do modifications in the building orientation and stuff to satisfy future needs and meet future challenges. It is my responsibility to prepare the bid. I shall schedule it for the subcontractors. I shall offer all these services to the client to draw my fees. My firm will serve as a construction manager. Thus working as a construction manager, it is my duty to arrange specialty subcontractors. All of the work will be subcontracted. A few with material and equipment, and for heavy machinery, we shall have to either rent or lease the heavy machinery, whichever will be more economical. I shall make the unit cost with material contracts with the specialty contractors and choose the cheapest who has not front-loaded his schedule. I shall make the subcontractor’s purchase insurances for their own work, including workers insurance. It’s my responsibility as a manager to plan for site safety. The contractors will follow my schedule. So they will not fight among each other.

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