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This situation calls for apt disaster recovery plans and strategies to ensure personal safety during the incidents and return to normalcy.
In the case of business recovery, the businesses should embrace technological functions, which offer back up services through the Disaster Backup Recovery Site. This will enable quick and safe recovery of critical information that relates to the business functionality. On the other hand, for personal safety, the firms are required to embrace, the services of the Emergency Operations Center. Seeking refuge from this center does not only assures personal safety but also the firms’ physical property that may be in a position of rescue.
Physical security refers to the need to protect the physical assets of an organization. In some organizations, one senior officer is responsible for both physical and logical (workstation, network, system/application, and other domains) of security. In other organizations, physical and logical security are divided between at least two senior officers. (See for one take on the topic.) What do you see as the pros and cons of having an integrated organizational structure, responsible for both physical and logical security? (A paragraph plus bullets for pros and cons would be appropriate here.)
An integrated security system of physical and logical security of a firm refers to the a system that protects the physical assets of an organization and the intangible assets, which is majorly the company’s data and information. This system keeps watch of both aspects of the company.
There is a big problem of the system to be compatible to the both physical and logical security and this leaves a security gap, which might cause great losses

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