Feasibility A Guide for Small Business

The feasibility study of B2B market gives a brief view on the product, technology used in the operational process. The study also states the market environment which includes competitions in the market, existing industry and the business model. Apart from this, various other strategies have been stated in the feasibility study including the marketing and selling strategies, production and management requirements along with financial projections for one year of the business plan. Products and Services Considering the present market scenario, the toy company has selected a range of innovative products to deal with AGI in B2B market. The selected product is intended towards the little children of Brooklyn. With this concern, the toy company has selected three distinct categories of toys to be introduced in the market, i.e. Toy A (TA) for the age group of 1 year to 3 years, Toy B (TB) is for the age group of 4 years to 6 years and Toy C (TC) for the age group of 7 years to 10 years. Hence, the toy company will be introducing musical soft toys for the TA product range which will emphasize on the adoption of nursery rhymes and other educational themes rendering due concern towards the mental development of children at this age. The company will further attempt to introduce talking pens for the product line TB and science station educational toys for the product line of TC. …
AGI is fundamentally known for its different types of innovative greetings cards and toys. In this regards, it has been found that AGI serves its consumers with innovative greeting cards. however, the market for innovative toys still remains unexplored by the company (American Greetings, 2012). By analyzing the market it can be stated that the toy company has certain advantages for its product lines in dealing with AGI. AGI is well known for distributing innovative greeting cards and regular toys. However company is noted to have minimum inclusion in the innovative toy segment in comparison to its involvement cards segments. This can offer noteworthy opportunity for the toy company as a supplier of AGI. Technology Introducing new innovative toys in the American market certainly needs modernized technology in its manufacturing unit. While manufacturing toys, the toy company will consider exact technology for selected toys concerning the fact that the requirement varies with different kinds of toys. With this concern, the toy company used basic materials and technologies to manufacture Toy A. The requirements has been planned concentrating on soft baby toys which should be made up of cotton and cloths with attractive color and an electronic device run by battery cell for music. The procedure used for manufacturing Toy A product line is by placing electronic device inside the soft toys so that it is invisible to everyone and stays away from the reach of the children. In similar aspect, different technologies are intended to be used for manufacturing of Toy B product line, with the use of wood or plastic with attractive colors and designs with electronic devices inside it which can speak when the pen is in use and thus can be used by

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