Explication of Death of a Salesman

Willy tries to offer good parenting to his two sons starting from when they were in school, but fails at it too. For instance in play 1 when Bernard, a neighbor’s son comes claiming that Bill is going to fail mathematics. Willy tells the small boy to give Bill the answer to the equation and just disappear. Attention on such a weighty issue would have been expected from a good parent, but Willy just brushes off on such matter such as his son’s education and good moral (Miller, 2010).
His wife Linda is however more realistic and tries to maintain the stability of her family. Most of the time she tried to make her husband understand that the family was still struggling financially even if he earned the exaggerated amount that he was stating. They would still be in debt. Linda tries to do her best in helping her family save for instance she does the laundry manually and mends her worn out clothe like the stocking she was doing in act 1.this might not gain much since her extravagant husband is spending the little earnings on a mistress (Miller, 2010). Linda is also a better parent than Willy and shows more concern about their son’s welfare. She was more concerned about Bill’s possibility of failing in mathematics, but her husband talks her out of the worries. She tries to communicate with the sons in a sober mood explaining to them their financial woes. She also makes them aware that their father was depressed by the situation but keeps on evading it, but they could see all the symptoms of a depressed man since at night he would start sleep talking and talking to imaginary people .he was hallucinating and nostalgic about their high school days (Miller, 2010).
WILLY: Biff Loman is lost. Such a young man with personal attractiveness and a hard working person gets lost in the worlds greatest country. And such a hard worker. There’s one thing about

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