Ethical behavior and ethical perspective


This research will begin with the statement that ethical-making decisions are very important and can affect the evaluation phase that it belongs to. Some of the ethical decision that is made keep ethical theories to the background and hence are used in the decision-making procedure of everyday life. Others do ignore the theories when they are making their decisions and only really on the theoretical approach that is cognitive moral development. Some studies have been on the fore front of examining the link between the theories and the way that most people make their decisions. These reasons are justified to belong to the criteria that are derived from the various stages in moral reasoning. Any ethics that has an action is solely determined by its end results or the consequences that are obtained in the end. This approach does look at the difference that is there between the good and the bad. Acts are considered to be good when they tend to have a positive effect and also in promoting human welfare. They are then considered to be harmful when they have a negative effect on individuals. This approach is thus referred to ass Teleological theory. Therefore, when one considers analyzing their ethical behavior, they ought to consider this theory. Teleological moral theories are accurately linked to the aspect of Hedonism. This aspect is able to connect the consequences that human behavior has to the foundation that is based on good and bad, right and wrong.

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