English Literature

And, one of the written forms through which the author will reflect all his/ her ‘events influenced thought process’, is the fiction. So, from early centuries, fictions have been a great medium to imprint one’s life as well as to see and read one’s life. And, Writers from the United Kingdom also wrote events influenced fictions as a variation to plays. And this paper will analyze the event of World Wars and its impact, as an aspect of modernism, and then demonstrate its use in the modernist writing, The Happy Autumn Fields written by the Irish born English author, Elizabeth Bowen.Among an assortment of events of the 20th century, the two World Wars only impacted the people en masse. That is, due to the machinations of some countries, the majority of the world population’s thought process and also the physical being (deaths and injuries) got impacted or affected or changed. Even though most of the impacts of the World Wars are in the negative direction some of the impacts cannot be characterized as positive or negative. And, while focussing on the United Kingdom, the field, which got impacted by the World Wars particularly the Second World War, is the British fiction which included novels, short stories, plays etc. That is, the depression and austerity caused by the World Wars gave way to modernity in the following years, and this caused major changes in all walks of British life and the writers were part of the change too. But, this modernity induced changes was not welcome by certain quarters. That is, they felt that modernity had ‘killed’ the traditional form of writing, giving rise to a new form of writing. This section of sceptics was concerned with this development as they thought that the richness of the classical works will be absent in the modern-day works. The outbreak of war in 1939, as in 1914, brought to an end an era of great intellectual and creative exuberance (Encyclopedia Britannica).

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