EMBA London Program at The University of Chicago

I am interested in pursuing an EMBA because throughout history businesses have always existed. These businesses have existed by trading off merchandise and/or by exchanging merchandise for currency. In this case, the merchandise is the technology service. Since then the manner of making business transactions have evolved to include technology. Although technology is a mechanism of performing business transactions more rapidly, we should not forget to maintain the human element vivid in them.
I want to master my skills in business administration since throughout history it has to lead to economic empowerment for many corporations and countries. Having this economic crisis vivid in our daily lives makes the seeking of new strategies and venues a must, to help get out of this magnificent rut. Forming part of your institution of higher learning will give me more insights on how I may make contributions in this area as an expert with the help of the expertise and experiences of your faculty members. I have had close to a decade (?) of experience in this area of business administration and I have had to make decisions that have been crucial to obtaining successful business transactions results.
In business, it is not a good idea to make decisions on a trial and error basis. The bottom line of an entrepreneurial ship is to be on the cost/effective side of the spectrum (the bottom line of a financial statement.
By obtaining an EMBA at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, will give me ample information gathered by international experts and it will give me the opportunity to make decisions based on othersĀ“ experiences that have had positive and negative results. In doing so, I will be able to apply strategies and methodologies to make successful business transaction decisions based on othersĀ“ experiences and based on the case studies presented in classes.

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