Electronic Communication Report The Barnet and Chase Hospitals and NHS

As a management consultant, the effectiveness and the quality of the communication medium must be analyzed. When considering the users, the organization must use the most effective communication tool so as to improve the organization’s quality and the management on the whole. Since electronic communication is considered to be the best methods of communication, the organizations implement them in order to maintain their contacts with their users. A hospital must be all the more careful in communicating with its patients as any misinterpretation would cost a life. As a management consultant, I must consider the quality and effectiveness of the electronic communication used in the hospital. This can be carried out by interacting with the patients and the people involved in the communication department of the hospital. The quality and effectiveness of the electronic communication must be analyzed in order to determine the performance and the ways in which it helps the hospital. A set of criteria must be determined to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of communication. This report describes the communication methods that yield more benefits to the organization. The communication tools and mechanisms must be modified to suit the needs of the hospital and the patients. As a management consultant, I would suggest the hospital to develop a website that is user-friendly. By doing this, the hospital can cater to the needs of all types of people. The hospital must incorporate interactive communication mechanisms that help the patient to have a complete outlook on the services provided by the hospital. If a patient wants to know about a treatment which is not present in the website, the e-mail option must be enabled to help the patient interact with the specialist who deals with that particular treatment.

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