Effect of Video Games on Children

Typically video games are played on a computer, Xbox or any one of the many gaming consoles, currently, the video game industry has expanded to such an extent that it rivals the movie and music industry with thousands of games being produced each year. While there is a clear deficiency in effects of gaming activities on children, insights and be gleaned from various sources such as results of numerous studies on the subject, especially given that these are the most popular downloaded software by children despite the proliferation of numerous others. Given that children spend a substantial fraction of their time playing games, it stands to reason that the effects of these activities should be investigated so as to determine if there needs to be remedial or mitigate action to prevent negative effects. To this end, this paper will examine the various effects of video games on children which can be divided into physical, psychological and mental.

Video games are sedentary in nature and just like watching TV or using a computer for extended periods it is believed to be a key factor contributing to the fact that over a quarter of America children are obese and overweight. While there is no study that has proven with a degree of definitiveness that obesity and computers are related, there is compelling evidence in support of the fact that children who spend over 5 hours a day watching TV or playing video games are at a higher risk of obesity. When children spend so much time with their game consoles they end up not having enough time for active play activities and the fact that video games rob them of playtime also contributes to their chances of being obese. In addition to obesity, numerous studies have linked increased exposure to video games with cases of video game-related seizures. The fact that refraining from video games has been found to be the most effective way to treat these seizures is ample evidence that they are in a major way contributing to them.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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