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Discussion Board Reply Hiring is a complicated process and you are right to assert that the approach to hiring will depend upon the level of opening. For me, it was interesting to learn that ‘socialization’ is a component of the hiring process, which implies that the process of hiring continues even after the selection of candidates (Wrench, 2013. Since high-level positions demand highly qualified applications, I should take the opportunity to point out the fact that qualification alone is not sufficient for high level positions. The aspect of choosing an ‘experienced’ person should also be taken into consideration, since qualification alone is not sufficient to serve the purpose in most instances. The notion of internal recruiting appears to be promising aspect for many organizations, but this has its own limitations, due to the fact that organizations opt for hiring new indiviuals only when they find it difficult to fulfill their needs based on their already available human resources. For this reason, whenever, an organization decides to hire new individuals, it should be understood that their local resources are unable to fulfill their requirements (Jackson et al, 2012). As far as the success of interview process is concerned, although interviews are regarded as being an opportunity to sell oneself, they can also act as limitation to those who are not quite skilled at verbal skills. Are verbal skills necessary for every job? My understanding is that although interviews should play a role in the job process, they should not be given extreme importance, which is sad a norm in the modern corporate culture.ReferencesJackson, S. E., Schuler, R. S., amp. Werner, S. (2012).Managing human resources. Mason, Ohio: South Western cengage learning.Wrench, J. S. (2013).Workplace communication for the 21st century: Tools and strategies that impact the bottom line. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger.

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