Difference between service base and population base

Research paper: POPULATION BASE AND SERVICE BASE A population base is populations at the start of periods that are used like a starting or reference point for estimating process. For estimates of postcensal nature, the population base is population counted in the most present census, attuned for censal estimate. The postcensal estimation of a census are got by component method by the use of most present population census attuned foe CNU (census net under coverage) and taking into consideration demographic occurrences that took place during census day. The population base for inter censal estimation is known as post-estimated population. As net CNU is a vital thing in estimation of population counts there is much concentration in population census. It starts with a summarized census collection process description and universe population definition and summarizes with processes used for CNU (Bureau of Census, 2010)On the other hand, service base is system of information for managing service processes. The services should be for IT services, technical support and servicing. It focuses knowledge from the management service of a company into a single source, allowing it for effective usage and sharing. The service base operator application gives users and consumers with online back up with all benefits arising from management process. It is a 100% application on website that uses internet in communicating with customers. The communication provided is through secured protocols. The IT system is completely configurable from a basic solution to value that is full for problem management and incident management including services of configuration database. A successful description of solved problems is easily exported to knowledge that is separated into classes by various users’ and products access rights (Foulkes, 2009)ReferencesMonique Calisti, 2003. An Agent-Based Approach for Coordinated Multi-Provider Service Provisioning. SingerAndrea S. Foulkes, 2009. Applied Statistical Genetics with R: For Population-based Association Studies. Springer United States Bureau of the Census, 2000. Current Population Survey: Design and Methodology. Bureau of the Census

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