Dialectical Shifts Writing

She compares her dance to swaying of the cruise ship. The dancer/singer wants each one in her company to reach the ultimate in the world of enjoyment. Her concept of enjoyment is without any limits, definitions and boundaries and singing and dancing are only the mediums. She detests the word ‘restrictions’ when it comes to pleasure-seeking. The poet reminds her audience that the weekends are meant for enjoyment. Night and enjoyment make the perfect combination and as such the poet compares herself to the queen of the night. For such people societal restrictions and cultural barriers have no meaning, and they are inclined to take over everything in the world of enjoyment. She wants them to lose their minds, beat space and time and remain engulfed in the ocean of drinks. She wants the fellow dancers to be in absolute control of their body, mind and soul. The words kenzo and benzo carry highly positive sense and the poet is willing to break all formal disciplines of dancing to achieve the final objective of enjoyment. Def jam is a hip-hop music label. The poet assures the dance lovers that she has huge collection of songs to make the night memorable. In fact, she is not willing to make any other thought pass through her mind except that of enjoyment. In this part of the poem, the poet attains a new dimension of rage, almost to the point of recklessness. The lyrics are penned down with a devil-may-care attitude. She shows awareness about the societal criticism about her questionable feminist politics and her resentment on the male authority. She tenders immediate challenge to the criticisms levelled against her through this poem and is not willing to give any latitude for reconciliation

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