Developing Work and Study Skills

With different projects and assignments, I have learned how to compose a report on the relevant topics. Similarly, presentations have also formed an important aspect of this module through which I have learned to gain confidence and reflect on my views, goals, and practices. Above all, I have learned to manage time because of which I was able to complete all these tasks properly. However, completing this module has not been as easy as it seems when telling about the achievements and this is because of my weaknesses. But on the other hand, my strengths have helped me to cope up with these weaknesses so that I can achieve my goal easily. First of all the main strengths that I possess are team working skills because of which I can be able to work as a leader. I can be able to lead a group of individuals to success as I possess the relative communication skills which can satisfy all my group members. Most of all the main thing that I have learned from this course will help me a lot and that is time management. Utilization of time is an important aspect of life, without which one would not be able to divide and utilize time as per his/her priorities. Time management has made me excel in life and I think it would further help me in life. Moreover, I also have the determination to complete my goals and aims. But as said by Christopher Moore Nobody’s perfect. Well, there was this one guy, but we killed him….. It clearly depicts that I personally have my own weaknesses in achieving my goals. All over these years, I have realized that learning something is not easy for me. It takes time for me to learn things which others learn in a while. I am weak at numbers and because of this, I face problems in mathematics and accounting. Similarly, I also lack the relevant skills of writing a report as I have yet not written many reports in my life. But all these weaknesses don’t tend to shake my determination as I think that I can be able to overcome them.

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